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BBC's list of Scottish writers

Lin Anderson Mysteries featuring Dr. Rhona MacLeod, a forensic scientist in Glasgow, Scotland

David Ashton Scottish mystery writer–Inspector McLevy series

Kate Atkinson Edinburgh writer–mystery series features Jackson Brodie, a former police inspector turned private investigator

M C Beaton. Mysteries–series featuring: Hamish Macbeth, Scottish police constable; Agatha Raisin, ex-London advertising exec now living in the Cotswolds. Under her real name of Marion Chesney, historical romance (mostly Edwardian & Regency)–series: 6 sisters; School for Manners; Travelling Matchmaker; Poor Relation; Daughters of Mannerling; Edwardian murder mysteries featuring Capt Harry Cartwright, survivor of the Boer War.

Tony Black Currently lives in Edinburgh, mystery/thrillers–series: Gus Dury

Sandy Blair Scottish historical romance

Gyles Brandreth Mysteries featuring Oscar Wilde

Christopher Brookmyre Mysteries featuring: Jack Parlabane, journalist in Edinburgh, Scotland; Angelique De Xavier, a police officer in Glasgow, Scotland

John Buchan Mysteries featuring: Richard Hannay, ordinary fellow caught up in extraordinary events in England and Scotland; Sir Edward Leithen: lawyer in Scotland and Canada; Dickson Mc'Cunn: grocer, and the Gorbals Die-Hards, in Scotland

Karen Campbell Former Glasgow cop turned mystery writer-series features Inspector Anna Cameron

Lillian Stewart Carl Mysteries--series feature: Rebecca Reid, a historian, and Michael Campbell, a Scottish professor, in Ohio and later in Scotland; Jean Fairbairn, working for an Edinburgh-based history and travel magazine, and Alasdair Cameron, a police detective, in Scotland, romantic suspense: fantasy–series: Sabazel

C (Caroline) S Challinor Mysteries featuring Rex Graves, a Scots barrister specializing in criminal litigation, prosecutor at the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh, Scotland

Marten Claridge Mysteries featuring Frank McMorran, detective inspector in Scotland

Ann Cleeves Mysteries-series feature: Vera Stanhope, a detective inspector in East Yorkshire, England; Stephen Ramsey, an impulsive police inspector in Northumberland, England; George Palmer-Jones, a retired civil servant and amateur bird watcher, and his wife Molly, a retired social worker, in Surrey, England; Jimmy Perez, a police detective inspector in the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland, in the Shetland Island Quartet

Carol Anne Davis Books of suspense set in Edinburgh, Scotland, or Salisbury, England

Dorothy Dunnett Scottish author. Historicals–series: Lymond Chronicles; House of Niccolo. Mysteries featuring Johnson Johnson, a British agent and yachtsman on the "Dolly".

Gillian Galbraith Mysteries featuring Alice Rice, detective sergeant (later inspector) in Edinburgh, Scotland

Alex Gray Mysteries featuring DCI Lorimer and Dr. Soloman Brightman, a psychologist and criminal profiler, in Glasgow, Scotland

Lois Greiman Historical romance, romantic comedy and mystery–series: Highland brides; Highland rogues

Allan Guthrie Scottish thriller writer–series: Pearce

Gerald Hammond Mysteries–series feature: John Cunningham, a hunting dog breeder in Scotland; Keith Calder, a gunsmith, and other characters in Newton Lauder, Scotland; Grace Gillespie, a nurse-physiotherapist, in the UK; Honey Laird, a detective sergeant, then inspector, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Pseudonyms: Arthur Douglas; Dalby Holden

Liz Curtis Higgs Parable series of Christian fiction; Lowlands series of Scottish romance

Joyce Holms Mysteries featuring Tam Buchanan, lawyer, and his law student assistant Fizz Fitzgerald, in Edinburgh, Scotland

Quintin Jardine Mysteries, featuring: Robert Skinner, a high-ranking cop in Edinburgh, Scotland; (written as Matthew Reid) Oz Blackstone, private investigator in London, England; Primavera Phillips, Oz Blackstone’s ex-wife, in Spain

Maureen Jennings Mysteries feature: William Murdoch, private investigator in 1890s Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Christine Morris, a forensic profiler from Canada, in the Hebrides, Scotland

Paul Johnston Mysteries featuring: Quintilian Dalrymple, private investigator in 2020s Edinburgh, Scotland; Alex Mavros, a half-Greek, half-Scottish private investigator in Greece; London-based novelist Matt Wells

Morag Joss Scottish mystery writer–series features Sara Selkirk, a renowned cellist, in Bath, England

Mary Kelly Mysteries featuring: Brett Nightingale, detective inspector (later chief inspector), in Edinburgh, Scotland; Hedley Nicholson, a private investigator in England

M.G. Kincaid Mysteries featuring Seth Mornay: a former Royal Marine, now a detective sergeant in the Criminal Investigation Division of the Grampian Police Force, in northeast Scotland

Susan King Scottish historical romance–series: Scottish Clans (Scott-Macrae-Fraser); Faulkener Family; Lindsay Family; Victorian Scotland Trilogy. Pseudonym: Sarah Gabriel

Gwen Kirkwood Scottish historical family sagas–series: Fairlyden; Lochandee

Bill Kirton Mysteries featuring Jack Carston, detective chief inspector in Cairnburgh, near Aberdeen, Scotland

Alanna Knight Mysteries featuring: Inspector Jeremy Faro, a detective in Victorian Edinburgh, Scotland; Rose McQuinn, Faro's daughter, returned to Edinburgh, Scotland from the American Wild West

Bill Knox Mysteries featuring: Webb Carrick, chief officer of the Fishery Protection Service in Scotland; Colin Thane and Phil Moss, Crime Squad officers in Glasgow, Scotland. Written as Robert MacLeod, mysteries featuring Talos Cord, a United Nations troubleshooter in New York City. Written as Noah Webster (US) or Robert MacLeod (UK), mysteries featuring Jonathan Gaunt, external auditor the Queen in Edinburgh, Scotland. Written as Michael Kirk (US) or Robert MacLeod (UK), mysteries featuring Andrew Laird, international marine insurance claim investigator.

Francis Lyall Mysteries featuring Alan Mason, police superintendent, and his sidekick Ian Crawford, based in the town of Greyhavens, Scotland

Frederic Lindsay Scottish mystery writer–series: Jim Meldrum

Eric Linklater Scottish author, mostly set in the Orkneys

Stuart MacBride Mysteries featuring Logan McRae, a Detective Sergeant in Aberdeen, Scotland

Helen MacInnes Scottish writer & former librarian, non-series suspense

Allie Mackay, Scottish paranormal romance--pseudonym of Sue-Ellen Welfonder Scottish romance novels (series: MacKenzie; MacLean)

Shona MacLean Mysteries featuring Alexander Seaton, schoolmaster, in 1620s Banff and Aberdeen, Scotland

Ken MacLeod Scottish science fiction writer--series: Fall Revolution; Engines of light

Juliet Marillier NZ fantasy writer–Fantasies based on Irish & Scottish folktales & lore--series: Sevenwaters; Children of the Light Isles; Bridei Chronicles; Wildwood Dancing

Alexander McCall Smith Mysteries for adults featuring Mma (Precious) Ramotswe, owner of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency in Botswana. Novels for adults featuring: Professor Dr Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld; Sunday Philosophy Club; 44 Scotland Street. Novels for kids--series: Akimbo; Harriet Bean

Monica McCarty Scottish Highlands historical romance

Val McDermid Mysteries featuring: Lindsay Gordon, lesbian journalist & socialist in Glasgow, Scotland; Dr. Tony Hill, a criminal profiler. Under the pseudonym of V L McDermid, mysteries featuring Kate Brannigan, private eye in Manchester, England.

Iain McDowall Scottish mystery writer--series: Jacobson and Kerr

William McIlvanney Mysteries featuring Jack Laidlaw, police detective in Glasgow, Scotland

Pat McIntosh Medieval mysteries featuring former university student Gilbert Cunningham

Catriona McPherson Mysteries featuring Dandy Gilver, a well-to-do woman in 1920s Scotland

Martin Millar Scottish writer. Under the pseudonym of Martin Scott, Thraxas fantasy series.

Denise Mina Mysteries featuring: Maureen O'Donnell, disheveled, mumbling to herself, and drunk by noon, an unlikely crime solver, in Glasgow, Scotland; Patricia "Paddy" Meehan, 21 year-old crime reporter in 1980s Glasgow; Alex Morrow, a detective inspector in Glasgow, Scotland

Karen Marie Moning Contemporary & Scottish historical romance–series: Highlander; Fever

Grace Monroe Pseudonym for Scottish authors Linda Watson-Brown and Maria Thomson. Mysteries featuring Brodie MacLennan

John Pilkington Mysteries--series: Thomas the Falconer medieval mysteries; Elizabethan

David Pirie Mysteries featuring Arthur Doyle, a young doctor and Joseph Bell, a doctor and Doyle's mentor, in Edinburgh, Scotland

Hugh C. Rae Mysteries featuring McCaig, detective inspector, later superintendent, in Scotland. Written as Robert Crawford [some titles reprinted as Hugh C. Rae], mysteries featuring Arthur Salisbury and Frank Shearer in England. Also mysteries written as Stuart Stern [joint pseudonym with S. Ungar]. Writing as James Albany, the Fighting Saga of SAS.

Caro Ramsay Mysteries featuring Alan McAlpine, a detective inspector at Partickhill Station in Glasgow, Scotland

Ian Rankin Mysteries. Series features John Rebus, detective sergeant in Edinburgh

**Candace Robb Medieval mysteries featuring: Owen Archer, Welsh spy for the Archbishop; Dame Margaret Kerr in 13th century Scotland

Craig Robertson Scottish thriller writer

C.F. Roe Mysteries featuring Jean Montrose, physician, in Scotland

Lisa Samson Christian historical & contemporary romance--series: Highlanders historical romance; Abbey historical romance; Hollywood nobody

Amanda Scott Contemporary, historical & Regency romance–series: Border Trilogy; Bath; Highland; Dangerous; Secret Clan

Manda Scott Mysteries & historical fantasy. Mysteries feature Kellen Stewart, a therapist and a lesbian in Great Britain; Detective Inspector Orla Maccleod, undercover in Glasgow, Scotland. Historical fantasy features Boudica, Celtic female opponent of the Romans in 1st Century Britain

Sir Walter Scott Classic adventures in Scotland

Alastair Sim Scottish writer of non-series suspense

Muriel Spark Scottish fiction author

Charles Stross Science fiction–series: Singularity sky; Merchant Princes; Laundry files (currently lives in Edinburgh)

Aline Templeton Scottish mystery writer–series features Marjory Fleming, a detective inspector in Scotland

Peter Turnbull Mysteries featuring: The "P" Division of Glasgow, Scotland; George Hennessey, chief inspector with the North Yorkshire Police in England

Jules Watson Historical fantasy set in Celtic Scotland during the Roman invasions--series: Dalriada

Sue-Ellen Welfonder Scottish romance novels (series: MacKenzie; MacLean). Under the pseudonym of Allie Mackay, Scottish paranormal romance

Louise Welsh Scottish writer

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